Our Owners

• What does Breckliving offer to their owners that stand out from other companies in town?

Experience, personal attention to very detail, and a low fee structure with no extra fees. We have 20+ years of combined real estate management experience, including owning two real estate companies over the past 12 years. We are a small company, focusing our personal attention on our limited number of owners and residents. We do not charge extra fees for marketing, pictures, property checks, or minor maintenance!

• What are your fees?

15%, that is all. Included in the 15% are monthly property checks, photos, all marketing, and free minor maintenance.

• Where do you advertise my home to find a resident?

We advertise in dozens of rental sites, including our local news outlets and also craigslist. You property is literally on up to 3 dozen websites to find the ideal resident for your home.

• Once you find a resident, how do you make sure they do not harm my home?

First, we sift through potential residents, running a thorough background and credit check on them, weeding out any potentially difficult people. Then we sit down for an in person interview, and communicate directly with the resident about our expectations, and their responsibilities. Last, we take a large security deposit, photograph every room, and have the resident sign off on a deficiency report. When the resident departs, if we discover any damage they have caused, we will withhold it from their deposit, and take them to court if needed. We will protect your interests.

• How do you ensure residents pay rent, and do not skip out on the lease?

As mentioned above, we perform a very intricate process to find a qualified resident. We also send out monthly reminders of rent payments due, and will take fast and experienced action if any payments are late. Should a resident skip out on a lease, we will initiate court proceedings to secure a judgment for the balance of the lease due.

• What do residents have to pay to rent my home?

We collect first and last month’s rent, as well as a security deposit at lease signing.

• Who pays for utilities?

This is completely up to you as the owner. Typically, we find it better to have the utilities in the name of the resident, and they pay them directly. If you desire, we can include the utilities in the rental amount, and you can pay them as the owner.

• What does the 15% fee include?

All advertising, photos, resident screening, lease process, collection and remission of rents and statements by the 15th, minor maintenance, resident relations, evictions, and owner servicing.

• How do we get started!?

Please use our “Property Management Agreement” form found on our homepage, or contact us directly.