Live in Breck

1. What type of rentals do you provide? rents quality properties to qualified residents. We provide 1+ year leases of entire residences, but do not rent rooms, shares, or place tenants.

2. What do I need to provide to rent one of your Homes?

We require that all adults who would like to rent one of our homes provide a full application including a credit and background check, along with a $35 fee for processing.

3. I love one of your homes! How do I submit my application?

IT is easy to submit your application online. Simply choose the property you would like to reside in, and on the property page you can click on the “lease agreement” link, which will take you to the online application form. Just fill it in and submit. We will then ask for your $35, run your background and credit check, and decide on if you are the correct fit for the home.

4. What sort of lease is required to become a resident?

We have a lease compiled by an attorney that we provide to each resident, which is enacted for the period of 1+ years.

5. What sort of payment do I need to submit if I am chosen to become a resident?

We require the first and last month’s rent, as well as a security deposit upon signing the lease, and prior to keys being handed over.

6. Once I have paid my initial rental amounts, what else do I need to do?

For most homes, your will need to put all utilities in your name, arrange for snow removal, and enjoy!

7. If something occurs at the property, who do I call?

Please let us know right away if any repair issues exist with the home by using our contact form, or calling our office at 970-453-9551.

8. When I am ready to move out at the end of the lease, what happens?

Ideally, we will assist you in finding a new property if possible, and we do offer a relocation incentive. IF you move on to housing outside of our inventory, we simply need to verify the property condition after you vacate, and we refund the appropriate amount of your deposit.

9. How do you verify the property condition?

We take photos of every property immediately before you become a resident, and ask that you note any deficiencies in writing as well. Upon your departure, if any additional damage is discovered beyond what the photos and paperwork contain, we will ask that you are responsible for curing them. We hate keeping deposit money for repairs, so we do everything we can to document condition collaboratively with the resident, and agree to keep the property in excellent condition.

10. What sort of payments can you accept?

We are able to accept cash, check, EFT, or credit card payments (cc fee paid by resident) for all types of payments.